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Yonzzy Collaborates With Cattivo - 

February 13, 2021

A coverage of the new collaborative single by Cattivo and Yonzzy.

A renedition of the old Israeli song "Leylot Hachoref" (Winter Nights) by Moti Barkan.

Journalist: Yaakov Bar-On


Yonzzy On Rollo Project - 
TimeOut TLV

Yonzzy's new "Live Sessions" Album - Maariv

October 06, 2021

Rollo / Score of Movement is a session of sketching dance performances accompanied by musical pieces. The session is fully improvised and a one-time experience.

   Yonzzy headlined the first evening of the project, collaborating with Yoni Raam (Dance) and Shai Efron (Painter).
The whole project was covered
by Shira Steinitz on TimeOut Magazine TLV.

Under the RADAR.png

Heading 2

An Interview For "Under The Radar" Podcast

October 06, 2021

An interview together with Maya Shoer (featured on "When Will You Show", "Shkia Pshuta") for Guy Givati's "Under the Radar" podcast - a podcast about emerging new musicians in Israel. 

A coverage of Yonzzy's new album -

"Live Sessions", on Maariv news website.
Cover - Talia Hamburg


January 28, 2022

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