Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer


Solo Project

Working on my original music by the stage name Yonzzy, a mixture of jazz guitar, live beat making and looping,
as well as collaborating with other musicians.

The song "When Will You Show" was chosen for a Jerusalem city council project of artists creating
under the Covid -19 insulation, and recieved a grant for it.

The track "Madjhool Dates" was chosen by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts for "Home - Made" project
and received a grant for it - which helps me keep making my music.
"Majhool Dates" is featured at the Music Mile Augmented Reality Mural Exhibition,
 throughout January 21, 2021 to February 29 in Inglewood, Calgary. 

Watch here

"Prefume" is a solo track and was filmed and recorded live in an old warehouse in the fields of Kibutz Giv'at Brenner. 

"Sixth Candle", my latest release is featuring Guy Gourevich on trumpet,

and was field recorded and filmed at Kidron's permaculture forest.
All videos were recorded live and mixed by myself.


My Works

Aiming to deliver the most
accurate music for the case - 
Whether its a movie, a play, or a video - game. 


Music For Animation

If There Was A Storm - Short Stop Motion animation that I made music for ;
the music holds the storytelling of a man who wonders to himself of his future if an apocalyptic strom will happen. The video was made during the Covid-19 insulation and was presented at the On Hold Web Gallery.


Augmented Reality

An original track of mine - Majhool Dates was chosen to participate in a six-week augmented reality exhibition, "Northern Reflections". The exhibit will be part of Chinook Blast,

a winter art festival happening throughout Calgary, Canada.

the teams were made of one painter, one animator, and one musician, and with a dialogue with the bussiness owner - "Circa Vintage Art Glass", we created a mural that is being animated and morphed via AR.


Music For Animation

Liquid State - Short Stop Motion clip that was inspired by the beat I made. 
Animation - Talia Hamburg


Growing Plant - 
Another video game I made music to in  the Jamuslala GameJam, where the main idea was to create a game infulenced by the 5 R's - refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle. I tried to make an atmosphere of a Japanese feeling to accompany the game's art.


Music For Video-Games

Water The Desert - 
A short video game I made music to - aiming for an oriental feeling,
every level passed adds another layer of sound into the composition.


Music for video

2020 - A collaboration with Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Video made by Talia Hamburg and Noga Tendler



An example for a cinematic composition for film is the HBO's WestWorld cue.