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As a composer, I work to expand my compositional tools to convey complex feelings and states.

In my compositions I investigate the amount of freedom given to the performer,

the use of electronics and guided improvisation.

E(tti)tude (2022) - For Clarinet (Bass Clarinet) and Bassoon

E(tti)tude (2022) - Jonathan David

E(tti)tude (2022) - Jonathan David

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The piece won Israel's sixth national composition

contest (2023), and was published by the Israeli

Music Institute. It was performed by

Meitar Ensemble at the Israeli Conservatory

of Music's winner's ceremony.

The piece demonstrates the different phases of practicing a musical instrument. In the beginning,

the practice is meticulous and organized,

and little by little the player loses concentration.

Later in the piece there is an improvisation,

in which the players play based on materials

presented earlier in the piece.

This improvisation simulates training practice,

which includes play and freedom with the written material. The piece then ends with a down-tempo feeling of exhaustion, a mirror that I think many instrumentalists can relate to.

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8755 score_009.png

Expansions (2023) - For Electric Guitar and Live electronics