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My Works


Aiming to deliver the most
accurate music for the case - 
Whether its a movie, a play, or a video - game. 


My Works

Daydream (2023) - original score and sound

An interactive audiovisual experience. The project allows wandering between various states of consciousness and examining the tension between presence and automation using an analog MIDI controller.

In this project I had to create a sound to each action the player can do, and each function of the MIDI controller. I composed and mixed on Ableton Live and used FMOD to implement various sounds and effects into Unity.

Designed by: Tali Lupovich

Developed by: Tal Brauner, Nati Adi.

"Ma Hamatzav" - Music for Podcast

I composed music, mixed and edited episodes of a weekly podcast broadcasted in KZ radio. The podcast is intended for children, explaining the events of 7th of October 2023 and the complex situation in Israel in the time of war, while suggesting creative ways to cope with it. 
The podcast was created by Sixty Six, an independent cultural magazine and I created music for the posts and stories promoting the new podcast.

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Duo Meura - E Pur Si Muove! (2023)

Sound and light installation, a collaboration with light designer and engineer Eden Dolev. Commisioned by Jerusalem Municipality for an art event themed "SLOW". 

Using a pulse sensor, we invite the audience to check on their heart beat, while the music composition changes accordingly. 

Lights are being triggered relatively to the sound elements which are currently playing, creating an immersive and interactive sound box.

The work involved composing the music for the installation, and coding Max MSP to use the pulse sensor as a beat detector and adding elements of generativity and randomness to the piece.


Photo by Talia Dahan

The Grind (2022) - Original Score

"The Grind" (2022) 

Animation film music score for Yotam Goren and Gal Press, students at the Screen based arts department at Bezalel Academy.

The film was featured in "Asif" animation festival at Cinematheque Tel Aviv, and at "AniNation" International Animation Festival in Cinematheque Jerusalem.

Growing Plant - Video Game (2020)

a rhythmic video game I made music to in  the Jamuslala GameJam.
The main idea was to create a game influenced
by the 5 R's - refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.
An atmosphere of a Japanese feeling was scored to
accompany the game's art.


On the Fringes of Comfort -Title Sequence (2022)

Original score for a title sequence inspired by the book "Convenience Store Woman", by Sayaka Murata.

Video was made by Talia Hamburg

Music for AR (2021)

An original track - Majhool Dates was chosen to participate in a six-week augmented reality exhibition, "Northern Reflections". The exhibit will be part of Chinook Blast, a winter art festival happening throughout Calgary, Canada.

Teamed up with a painter and an animator, we created a mural that is being animated and morphed via AR. In dialogue with the business owner - "Circa Vintage Art Glass", we created a mural that has the shop's characteristics and attitude.