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Rockslide (2024)

Sound installation created in collaboration with Talia Hamburg, artist and designer, for Marliman Collective Group Exhibition "Pulsation" presented at Beita Gallery, Jerusalem, Curated by Lital Marcus Morin.
The piece features a suspended wooden sculpture equipped with an accelerometer. This device measures the sculpture's movements. Periodically, a solenoid strikes the sculpture, prompting the accelerometer send movement data to a granular synthesizer. The synthesizer then generates sounds based on the sculpture's movements, creating an evolving and constantly changing auditory experience. Photos: Daniel Hanoch


To create the soundscape I recorded several rocks clashing one another, edited and processed them into a long audio track and fed that into a granular synthesizer in RNBO. To support the clashing sounds, the patch also contains an additive- synth which constantly changes the harmonic's amplitudes. The movements of the sculpture affect the pitches and trigger the granular synth.

Photos from the work in progress:

The electrical box on top of the installation, containing RaspberryPi and electrical components for powering the solnoid and MPU-6050 ( accelerometer).


Solenoid connected to the electrical box. Electric wires are hidden inside the copper tube.

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