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שומע.ת? - ?Do You Hear

"Do You Hear?" is a sound and performance duet made in collaboration with Amit Oddes.

The piece premiered in "Between Heaven and Earth" 2021 festival.
The sounds are all sampled from our indoors "underscore" - washing dishes, cooking, the sound of a washing maching, taking a shower, etc'.

The piece expresses musically and physically the voice of the "noises" of life -
and gives them an emotional accent. 

Please contact for a full documentary of the piece.
The t

"Rollo - Moscow TLV"

Rollo / Score of Movement is a session of sketching dance performances
accompanied by musical pieces.

On the first evening I was collaborating with dancer Yoni Raam and painter Shai Efron.

The dancer is inspired from the music, and the painter paints the overall image.

On the next day, the painting was sent to the first Russian group and that was their inspiration for their set,

and so on back to the Israeli's. This video is a from the ending Galla event,

with my music on it.

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