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In the Corner of the Eye (2024) – for String Quartet and Electronics

My inspiration for this work is rooted in the ongoing turmoil and conflicts affecting Israel. I am personally impacted by these circumstances – as I served in the military and was soon drafted after the 7th of October disaster.

On April 2023 I have been injured in a terror car ramming attack, and I aim to channel this experience into the composition. Post-attack, I found myself hypersensitive to rapid peripheral movements, experiencing discomfort and anxiety from sudden movements within my field of vision.
These sensations are what I seek to infuse into the essence of this piece.

The piece was premiered at the Givat Haviva Artist Residency Opening Event, with grants from Givat Haviva and Tel-Aviv Municipality.

Recently, I received Mifal Hapais Cultural Fund grant to expand the piece to a 25-30 minutes long piece and produce a concert for it. The concert will take place during end of 2024 – beginning of 2025.

Violin - Talia Herzlich

Violin - Barak Schossberger

Viola - Leikie Glick

Cello - Gali Kna'ani


E(tti)tude (2022) – for Clarinet (Bass Clarinet) and Bassoon

The piece won Israel's sixth national composition contest (2023) and was published by the Israeli Music Institute.

It was performed by Meitar Ensemble at the Israeli Conservatory of Music's winner's ceremony.

The piece demonstrates the different phases of practicing a musical instrument. In the beginning, the practice is meticulous and organized, and little by little the player loses concentration.

Later in the piece there is an improvisation, in which the players play based on materials presented earlier in the piece.

Clarinet - Danny Erdman

Bassoon - Nadav Cohen

Omes Chomes (2024) For Brass Quartet 

A piece for trumpet in C, two tenor trombones and one bass trombone.
It was composed specifically for this ensemble of players, for a concert in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Trumpet - Yoad Fastman
Tenor Trombone - Omer Lam

Tenor Trombone - David Wiesel

Bass Trombone - Casimir Rothmaler

Courage (2022) – for 3 Processed Recorders

Courage is a piece I composed for Noga Rubanenko, recorder player based in Poland. 

In the piece I tried to create a "wandering" atmosphere - a feeling of order which then erupts into mess, and back again, with each time it gets more extreme. The usage of effects on the recorders open a lot of sonic expressions, and is a flattering contrary to the instrument itself - which is almost a pure sine wave.


Alto and Soprano - Noga Rubanenko

Tenor - Noam Shpilman Bass

Tenor - Adi Bercowski

Live Electronics - Jonathan David

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