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Low Noise - High Output (2024)

Interactive Sound installation created during a 3 months artist residency in Givat Haviva, throughout Januray - March 2024. and presented at the "Memories From an Imagined Space" Group Exhibition curated by Dr. Dalia Manor, at the Givat Haviva Gallery.


Photos by Tal Bedrack


I designed a 4-speaker sound installation using four distinct objects: an audio cassette, a uniform pocket, a book, and a stone - suspended from the ceiling.

Each object represents and encapsulates a facet of my reality over the past three months, captured through field recordings. The blend of funerals, music, the surroundings of Givat Haviva, and military service coalesced into a singular reality for me.


At times, the connection was forced, and at times natural. I captured the music that underlies within these experiences – sounds, voices and whispers, and encapsulated them into the hanging objects.

The piece invites the viewer to touch, allowing the objects to sway freely and thus generate a spontaneous soundtrack using moments from this period.


Photos from the work in progress:


The project involved soldering two Raspberry Pi units to four different accelerometers, each assigned to a different object. On each Raspberry Pi, I created RNBO patches to trigger processed field recordings, with various sonic parameters such as volume and pitch being controlled by the sensor data. Each speaker was programmed to output the sonic world of one specific object, thereby creating a distinct auditory experience for each object.

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