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Duo Meura - E Pur Si Muove! (2023)

Sound and light installation, a collaboration with light designer and engineer Eden Dolev. Commisioned by Jerusalem Municipality for an art event themed "SLOW". 
Using a pulse sensor, we invite the audience to check on their heart beat, while the music composition changes accordingly. 
Lights are being triggered relatively to the sound elements which are currently playing, creating an immersive and interactive sound box.
The work involved composing the music for the installation, and coding Max MSP to use the pulse sensor as a beat detector and adding elements of generativity and randomness to the piece.

Photos by Talia Dahan


The piece was chosen to be presented at Pitchy Kutcha event by Tech-Create Collective at Hamiff'al, Jerusalem. During the event I gave a 10 minutes walkthrough of the process of making the piece and our motives for creating it.

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