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Large Ensembles

Beat Repeat (2023) - For Orchestra

In this piece, I explored a relatively small and constant change over time - all instruments have constant phrases that change slowly, in fixed proportions.

Performed by the Camerata Orchestra, conducted by Matan Yona.

Hakiyosk (2023) - For Choir

"Hakiyosk" (הקיוסק) is a poem by the renowed Israel poet Agi Mishol. I composed it for "Meitar Choir", a young choir led by Michal Okon, which is conducting in the video. 

The poem is about a dream of an elderly lady about her childhood neighborhood's candy stand. In most of the poem there is a dreamy feeling of nostalgia, but in the end, the woman then understands how far she has moved from that very place.

This concept is extremely effective when sung by the young choir.

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