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Angles (2024) - For Solo Violin and Accelerometer

A piece composed for Talia Herzlich of Meitar Ensemble, to be premiered on 19 of June 2024 in Meitar Ensemble's Concert at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

The piece's main concept is the use of the angle of the player's bow. I use an Arduino connected to an accelerometer attached to the end of the bow, to receive angle data, and with that to manipulate a Max MSP patch. The player itself plays the electronics using the angle of the bow, and has to adapt a different playing style to control the electronics as written in the score. 

Were It Not For Mercy (2024) – For Tenor recorder and voice

A piece commissioned by Noga Rubanenko, recorder player based in Krakow,Poland for TARF 2024 – Tel Aviv's Recorder Festival.

The piece was composed during difficult times in Israel, soon after the 7th of October attack on Israel. I was in a time when every week I'd go to a funeral of one of my friends. Those experiences affected my composition and were a catalyst for this piece.

It involves singing and playing simultaneously, and begins with a quote from the Jewish prayer, "El Malei Rachamim", for the soul of a person who has died. This prayer is usually recited at the graveside during the burial service. The recorder player continues and imitates the sirens we experience on this land regularly and ends with singing bits and pieces of the words of the prayer itself.

The piece received first prize in the Israeli Piece Category of TARF 2024.

Expansions (2023) – for Electric Guitar and Live Electronics

Expansions investigates the relationships of man and machine – the machine, in this case – a max MSP patch I built, records parts of the guitar, and processes it to small samples (grains). The electronics player thentriggering them in different intervals, moves between

different points in the recorded samples, manipulating its

pitch, and finally creating a customized an expanded sonic

experience of the guitar. 

Their relationship changes as the piece develops and shows

their remarkable characteristics. The live electronics "magnify" the human part, dissect it into small pieces (which is a blessing and a curse) and reveals new layers of sound.

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